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This page explores various interesting articles that pertain to possible healthy lifestyles. These articles are taken from various sources, both ancient and modern. They represent important viewpoints that are worth considering in this age of increasing health disorders.

Our presentations will be updated periodically. Whereas we do not present our own ultimate point of view on the subject, yet we believe that each and every article we present does contain some element of truth that might help in the final analysis, when one decides to adopt a personal healthy lifestyle. We shall return to our ultimate conclusions and recommended lifestyle much later.

The highlightings in the presented articles are basically ours, and may not belong to the original author.

Here's the current presentation:

So, What Should I Do?
from the book "Your Doctor is a Liar!"
by James Paul Roguski

The information that enables a human being to be healthy is actually quite simple to understand. This chapter contains my personal observations about what is good for human health. It is not only about food. Health involves the entire person. Full, complete health involves nutrition, emotion, environment, posture, love, friendship, community, life purpose and much much more. I am not perfect, but I do my best to follow the guidelines explained in this chapter. It works for me, and it works for others. It will work for you also, but you have to try.


Stop taking drugs. Completely. No illegal drugs. No legal drugs. No prescription drugs. No over the counter, non-prescription drugs. No aspirin. No drugs of any kind. PERIOD. Clean out your medicine cabinet and throw them all away. I hate to admit it, but Nancy Reagan was right: "Just say NO!" Drugs are poison! Somehow, some way, the medical and pharmaceutical industries have managed to convince you to swallow poison (drugs) in the pursuit of health. Absolutely nothing could be more absurd. STOP TAKING DRUGS!

Stop eating refined vegetable oils. No canola oil. No soybean oil. No corn oil. No cottonseed oil. Stop eating processed foods that contain these processed oils. Read labels! Stop eating margarine. Stop eating anything and everything that contains shortening, hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils. These processed, man-made, artificial toxic oils and fats are literally poisons! NO MORE trans fatty acids! You do need one-third of your calories from healthy, extra virgin, unrefined oils, but if the oil you use does not say unrefined or extra virgin, then it is a health disaster! Consume natural, real foods (seeds, nuts, fish, meats, eggs) that do naturally contain oils and fats. Do use butter, extra virgin coconut oil and unrefined macadamia nut oil for cooking purposes, but never, ever overheat any oil.

Stop eating sugar. Completely. No candy. No table sugar. No soda. No maple syrup. No high fructose corn syrup. No concentrated fruit juice or fruit juice cocktail. No "energy" bars.

Don't eat anything that contains artificial sweeteners. Saccharin is a known carcinogen. Aspartame (Nutrasweet) has generated more adverse reaction complaints to the FDA than any other substance in history. When aspartame is metabolized by the body, it is broken down into wood alcohol (methyl alcohol) and formaldehyde! Mmmmmm. Yummy! The latest poison to be promoted as a sugar replacement is sucralose (Splenda). Sucralose is literally a molecule of glucose (sugar) that has three atoms of chlorine attached to it. Avoid these artificial compounds like the plague! Learn to appreciate flavors other than sweet. You also have taste buds for sour, salty, bitter and spicy on your tongue. Why don't you put them to work?

<[>Don't eat anything that contains artificial colors. Many artificial colors are made from petrochemicals or coal derivatives.

Eat ORGANIC. Eat only ORGANIC. (Unless you like pesticides!) Eat FREE RANGE and WILD HARVESTED meats. Drink only purified water.

I'm sure that I have lost most of you already.

Stop eating processed wheat. Completely. No bread, no bagels, no muffins, no toast, no buns, no croissants, no scones, no brownies, no cookies, no cake, no crumpets, no brioche, no crackers, no french toast, no pancakes, no pie, no noodles, no pasta in any form, no spaghetti, no macaroni, no ziti, no lasagna, no ravioli, no linguini, no pizza, no biscotti, no croutons, no dinner rolls, no breakfast cereal. No breakfast bars. NO PROCESSED WHEAT OF ANY KIND.

Stop eating white rice and stop eating white rice that has been dressed up to look like it isn't white rice.

Stop eating processed corn products.

I am positive that I have lost 99.99% of everyone at this point.

The way in which you cook your food matters a lot!

Stop eating anything that has been fried. No potato chips. No corn chips. No french fries. No fried chicken. No fried green tomatoes. No deep fried mozzarella sticks. No fried zucchini. No fried fish. No fried onion rings. No popcorn popped in oil.

Don't eat anything that has been subjected to cooking temperatures that exceed the boiling point of water. No grilling. No barbeque. No roasting. No baking. Never, never, never microwave any food. Never, ever use aluminum cookware. Aluminum has been implicated in numerous ailments, including cancer and Alzheimers. Never ever use teflon cookware. Toxic chemicals used in the production of teflon have been shown to cause cancer in humans. Have you ever had a teflon frying pan that had degraded to the point where much of the teflon had fallen off? Where do you think that the teflon went? It went into your belly or your family's belly! Ideally, make use of glass or copper cookware.

Go to your kitchen. Empty out the fridge. Empty out the pantry. Empty out all of the cupboards. Look at the ingredient list on each package. Please remember that Mother Nature only makes one food at a time. If the package lists more than one ingredient, then throw it away. It is not food. It is a manufactured product that does not exist in nature. It was not designed by Mother Nature to nourish your body. It was designed by man in order to earn a profit by appealing to your taste buds.

What does that leave you may ask?

It leaves only about 100,000 ways to prepare dozens of cuts of meat from dozens of types of free-range animals. It leaves thousands of types of organically grown whole vegetables, roots, fruits, seeds, nuts, WHOLE, UNPROCESSED grains, herbs and spices.

Eat some foods that contain the building blocks of COLLAGEN and ELASTIN. In other words, eat some protein. Eat some plain, unsweetened, naturally flavored gelatin. Make a gelatin dessert. Put it in your soup. Put it in your stew. Put it in your coffee or tea.

Eat some foods that contain CHOLESTEROL.

Eat some foods that contain VITAMIN C. Eat a lot of foods that contain Vitamin C. Take a lot of Vitamin C supplements. Do the VITAMIN C Fill 'er Up Routine as often as possible.

Eat some foods that contain COPPER. Take a copper supplement every day. Never take a mineral supplement (especially one containing iron or zinc) unless it also contains copper.

EAT BREAKFAST. Make breakfast the largest, most important meal of the day. Teach yourself and your family to gather together every morning at the gas station of your breakfast table in order to fuel up for the day ahead. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER leave your house in the morning running on empty. Would you ever head out on a long trip in your car without first stopping to fill up your gas tank? Don't leave home in the morning without a good, balanced meal in your belly.

There is an old saying that says people should...


Our civilization's social structure seems to revolve around eating and drinking at night. This is stupid. Do you fill up your car's gas tank before you put it in the garage for the night? No. So why do you fill up your body's fuel tank before you go to sleep? Oriental medical practice clearly dictates that the stomach system is most active and has the most energy from 7-9 in the morning and it also says that the stomach system is least active and least energized from 7-9 at night. It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever to skip breakfast and run on empty all day long. It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever to eat a huge dinner just before you are planning upon going to sleep. Learn to put fuel into your body just before you are going to engage in some form of activity that will use that fuel.

Only eat when the sun is up. Never eat after the sun has set.

Follow a rotation diet. This means that you should NOT eat the same food day after day after day. Get a variety of foods. Too much of even a good thing is no longer a good thing. If you eat a specific food today, put it on the bottom of your list of things to eat in the future. Look at the lists that I have provided and select from the thousands of foods that are available in this world. Eat something different. Then put that food on the bottom of your list of foods to eat. Go eat something new.

It is impossible to correct a problem by continuing the habit that created the problem in the first place. It is impossible to correct a nutritional deficiency if you insist upon continuing to eat only the same deficient foods that created the deficiency in the first place. If your body only receives the same foods over and over and over, then eventually a nutritional imbalance will set in. It may take months or it may take years, but it will happen. Avoiding this is simple. Start by eating as many different, real, whole, natural, organic and free-range foods as possible. Make sure that your body gets the widest possible variety of nutrients and make sure that it doesn't get too much of any one thing.

Take a multi-vitamin supplement. Take a multi-mineral supplement. Take a multi-oil supplement. Every day.

And finally, dramatically decrease the volume and increase the nutritional quality of everything that you eat. Numerous studies in animals and humans clearly show that longevity and quality of life drastically improve when you restrict calories by at least one-third.

I know that by now I have lost EVERYONE.

That's okay. I honestly do not care if you don't follow my lead. Just because I haven't had to visit any kind of doctor for 25 years doesn't mean that you have to listen to me. Just because I don't catch "colds" and I don't suffer from any kind of pain doesn't mean that you have to be free of these ailments. I have chosen to be healthy for the remainder of my natural life by understanding my body and by cooperating with Mother Nature. You should certainly feel free to ignore my suggestions. We live in a country that guarantees you the right to go to the doctor as often as you wish and gives you the opportunity to take all the drugs, have all the surgeries and suffer from all the diseases that you create by all of your bad habits. Just remember though, that it is by your own choice that you ignore these suggestions. It is merely a matter of time before the imbalance and the monotony in your diet will manifest itself as some form of disease in your body. With freedom comes responsibility, so please, blame yourself for the diseases that will inevitably result from your bad choices...


Explore the world of flower essences and the concept of the mind body connection. Read books that have been written by Edward Bach (Heal Thyself), Louise Hay (You Can Heal Yourself), Karol Truman (Feelings Buried Alive Never Die), Ken Dychwald (BodyMind) and others... Realize that your feelings and emotions are clearly reflected in the condition of your physical body.

Pursue your life's dream. THIS IS PRIMARY! In order to be healthy, you must first be emotionally happy. In order to be happy, you must see, at least, the opportunity to pursue the purpose of your life here on earth. In order to pursue your life's purpose and obtain happiness from that pursuit, you must first know what it is that you are pursuing! Take a minute to look at your own problems from a healthier perspective. Whatever is happening in your life is not all that bad. Give a dollar to the next struggling person that you pass on the street just because you can. Realize that absolutely all of your emotional and/or physical issues pale in comparison to the struggles that others are enduring. Good or bad, this too shall pass.


Get an air purifier for you bedroom, your bathroom, your kitchen, your living area, your car and your workplace. As bad as our outdoor air is, indoor air pollution is a far, far greater danger.

Check your house for electromagnetic fields. Don't live anywhere near high voltage transmission lines. Limit your use of electrical and electronic equipment. Unplug every piece of equipment when it is not in use. Don't sleep anywhere near an electrical device, even if it is on the other side of one of your bedroom walls in another room. The electromagnetic field easily passes through walls.

Look through your bathroom, kitchen, pantry, garage, basement, attic and all other storage areas. If you find ANYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING, that you would not feed to your child, then it should be thrown away. If you find body care products that are not safe enough for your child to eat, then you should throw them away. Throw away your fluoride toothpaste. There is a warning right on the tube that it is poisonous. Teeth contain a miniscule amount of calcium fluoride. The sodium fluoride in toothpaste is also used as rat poison. It is sheer insanity to use fluoride toothpaste. If you find cleaning compounds that are not safe enough for your child to eat, then you should throw them away. If you find laundry cleaners that are not safe enough for your child to eat, then you should throw them away. Paints. Petroleum products. Auto products. If they are not safe enough to eat, then they are toxic. If these products are in your home and you use them, then you are absorbing them into your body, so you might as well be eating them. THROW THEM ALL AWAY!

While you are going through all of your stuff, get a couple dozen boxes and start filling them up with the things that you haven't used (or even seen) for years. Have a yard sale. Donate them to charity. Throw stuff away. Clean out all the old, stale stuff that is clogging up your life. Don't live in a home that has wall-to-wall artificial carpeting. Brand new carpeting gases off all kinds of toxic, poisonous chemicals, and old carpeting is a breeding ground for fungus, mites and countless other negative influences on your health. Natural wood, ceramic tile or stone floors with washable area rugs are much better options.


Observe your own thoughts. For that matter, start having your own thoughts. Stop blindly accepting the thoughts that are spoon fed to you by others in the media, government, education, medical and religious establishment.

Throw away your television. Throw away your radio. Throw away most of the music that you have collected over the years and only keep the music that provides positive messages. Stop reading commercial media such as newspapers, magazines, etc. Go to your local library and read some of the classics.

Put down the PlayStation and your X-Box! Disconnect the TiVo! Take the batteries out of the remotes! Call the satellite company and tell them to take back their dish! Play catch with your kids instead watching someone else playing sports. Go see a live theatrical performance.

Go for a walk to clear your mind. Strike up a conversation with a human being. Learn the names of your neighbors. Get a massage. Relax. Take a breath. Go to a yoga class. Go to many. Rub your dog's belly. Play with your child. Make love with your spouse. Smile. Go soak in a jacuzzi, or rest in a sauna or at least take a hot bath. Go to sleep soon after the sun sets. Wake up when it rises.


Learn how to tell a joke and tell many. Learn a new language, or at least a few words. Learn how to play a new musical instrument. Learn a new dance. Learn a new route to work. Go to a different restaurant and order something different so that your tastebuds can learn a new taste. Go to a florist and teach your nose how to smell a new smell. Travel to somewhere on this earth that you have never been and explore. Walk into a different church and ask someone to help you learn about their religion.

Take the time to obtain and actually read the books on the recommended reading list at the end of this book, especially those marked by an asterisk. They will help you immensely in developing a natural, real outlook towards health, an outlook that addresses CAUSES, not symptoms.


Stand up straight. Look in the mirror. From either side, your ear, your shoulder, your hip, your knee and your ankles should all fall along a vertical line. Is your head screwed on straight? Or does it tip to one side? Has the stress of working on the computer, at a desk or behind the wheel of a car caused your head to begin to fall forward? Are you twisted or torqued in any direction? If you are out of alignment, then you are expending an enormous amount of energy fighting gravity every minute of every day.

Look closely at yourself. Get someone else to take a picture of you if all of you doesn't fit in your mirror. Work on tightening up the muscles that are too loose and work on relaxing the muscles that are too tight. You don't need any equipment. All you need is balance.


The most important thing that you can do to improve your health is to realize that your health is your responsibility. You have to understand and accept that it is your responsibility to know your own body better than anyone else.

In the 1800's, I.P. Semmelweis discovered that the cause of child-bed fever was the failure of doctors to take the simple precaution of thoroughly washing their hands before going from the autopsy table to the delivery room. For fifty years, doctors simply refused to accept the radical notion that their own dirty hands could be the vehicle that spread disease and suffering. Semmelweis was hounded as a charlatan and a quack and forced into an insane asylum where he died in 1865. The point of the story is that you should stop looking to your doctor for answers. Medical doctors do NOT heal. Quite to the contrary and by definition, medical doctors CAUSE diseases on purpose. Doctors slow the process of healing by treating symptoms with poisonous drugs which inhibit your own body's response to the true CAUSE of your problem. Unfortunately, doctors do not seem to remember the teachings of the so-called father of medicine, Hippocrates, who said: "First and foremost, do no harm."

If you truly want to be healthy, then you should never, never, never, never voluntarily employ the services of a medical doctor! Period! No exceptions!

Medical doctors do not know anything at all about how to help you maintain or restore good health. In this regard, absolutely all medical doctors are liars! I know that this sounds harsh, but I stand by my statement. Medical doctors, by definition, by tradition and by law, are only allowed to and only know how to prescribe poisonous drugs in a vain attempt to cause new symptoms in order to divert your body's attention away from the main problem. Absolutely everything that they do only addresses the symptoms, the effects of your situation. They never deal with CAUSES. Absolutely nothing that they do is natural. Absolutely nothing that they do builds and strengthens health. The practice of medicine does not heal! NOT EVER. In fact, medical doctors murder more than 100,000 people each and every year in America with their properly prescribed prescription drugs! In the humble opinion of this author, I believe that if you ever go to see a medical doctor then you are either an ignorant fool or you have been hypnotised by a very convincing, smooth-talking drug pusher, or both.

If you truly wish to be healthy then you need to start looking at your life. You need to start looking for CAUSES! Take a good hard look at all of your options. Look for possible CAUSES of your health concern and eliminate or alter those CAUSES. Look at every possible avenue (physical, emotional, chemical, environmental, postural, electromagnetical, societal and more) and do a little something in each category. It is not too late for you to begin to learn about your body. It is not too late to stop thinking about "risk factors" and start thinking about CAUSES. It is time for you to stop thinking about drugs and start learning about food and nutrition...

The poisonous drugs that are recommended by pharmaceutical companies clearly do not address the CAUSE of heart disease! Heart disease is not caused by a deficiency of statin drugs in our diet!


The diets that are recommended by the American Medical Association, by the American Heart Association, by the United States Department of Agriculture and by your doctor are not designed to address the CAUSES of heart disease. These diets are improperly designed to either "manage your risk factors" or to placate food manufacturing companies. This is both stupid and criminal! Their diet recommendations are deadly! It is stupid to attempt to consume a diet that is designed to "manage your risk factors" while ignoring the CAUSE of your problem!

It is my assertion that heart disease is primarily CAUSED by many of the things that are unique and different about our modern life. Please ask yourself: What do you do differently than people did two hundred years ago before heart disease was so widespread? Two hundred years ago, people did not eat refined vegetable oils. They did not eat hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated vegetable oils. Human beings did not eat 150 pounds of processed sugar every year!

People ate food that was 100% organic! Think about it. There were no chemical pesticides. Absolutely everything, animal and vegetable, was grown completely organically! What a wild, New Age concept! They ate meat. They ate butter. They did not consume artificial flavors, artificial colors and artificial sweeteners. They did not consume artificially created, un-natural pharmaceutical drugs.

THE way to avoid heart attacks is simple. Avoid the poisonous, non-nutritions chemicals that man has introduced since 1900.

Don't ask your medical doctor for a pharmaceutical or surgical solution because, they make their money by selling you the very types of artificial chemicals that cause health problems!

If you have read this far, you certainly must know by now...


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